Justice AV Solutions Field Technician, Kentucky in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Field Technician

Status: Non-Exempt

Department: Field Services

DATE: February 2018

Basic FunctionField Technicians provide Preventative Maintenance and Repair Service s to all clients, perform installations of JAVS equipment and related products, and provide technical support or training to customers over the phone, internet, or in person. Excellent customer service oriented oral and written communication skills are required. An understanding of the court recording procedure, JAVS equipment and software, operating systems, and/or networking is necessary. Field Technicians are based in regional locations throughout the US and report to their Branch Manager.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform preventative maintenance on all equipment under contract on a tri-annual or annual basis according to contract details and critically review the quality of recordings and test complete operation of the system for all maintenance and repairs.

  • Perform emergency repair or maintenance on all non-functioning equipment and non-critical failures under contract according to contract response time details.

  • Provide maintenance, repair and equipment reporting on a continual basis.

  • Maintain a helpful and friendly working relationship with clients.

  • Plan and schedule maintenance and repair visits with clients according to SLA timeframes.

  • Perform on-site troubleshooting of reported issue by reviewing recordings and evaluating systems with test equipment.

  • Replace, install loaner or repair faulty equipment according to contract agreement.

  • Participate in weekly regional status update conference call.

  • Provide technical phone support to all clients.

  • Collaborate with helpdesk, other technicians or regional service manager to resolve difficult repairs.

  • Perform site visits at client locations to gather key information for accurate quote generation.

  • Provide system operation training for hardware or software to clients upon completion of an upgrade or as necessary.

  • Analyze system operation and make adjustments to improve system performance and stability.

  • Complete documentation on system setup, changes or special features. (AAERT set up)

  • Maintain a reasonable inventory of loaner equipment and parts on service vehicle.

  • Assist and train new employees and provide informational assistance on an ongoing basis.

  • Perform or assist in system installations or upgrades on an assigned basis.

  • Maintain an accurate route schedule, contact and system information spreadsheet and advise regional service manager of updates.

  • Provide a monthly report on all expenses. (Cash and credit).

  • Frequently check e-mail and voicemail, responding in a timely manner.

  • Keep service vehicles organized, clean and maintained on schedule.

  • Participate in an annual training conference with region team.

  • Perform any other duties as assigned.

Standards and Performance

  • Ability to professionally and efficiently correspond with leadership as well as external and internal customers via phone, email, and service orders.

  • Ability to quickly learn about new products and services.

  • Excellent attention to detail.

  • Ability to represent JAVS in a personable, professional and courteous manner to all customers.

  • Interpersonal relationships which encourage openness, candor and trust, both internally and outside of the Company.

  • Ability to self-manage multiple projects and deadlines in an accurate and timely fashion.

  • Maintenance of Company information in a confidential manner.

  • Dedication to maintaining consistent corporate style guidelines.

  • Pursue constant improvement of customer, service and professional skills.

  • Professional, well-groomed appearance and attire is advised.

  • Good driving record with a valid driver’s license.

  • Clean criminal background.

Mental and Physical Requirem

  • Ability to maintain concentration with frequent time pressures and frequent interruptions.

  • Required to have close visual acuity to perform tasks such as visual inspection involving small defects, small parts and/or operation of recording equipment (including inspection), assembly of parts at distances close to the eyes and reviewing video to ensure the image is of necessary quality for the customer.

  • Ability to hear and perceive the nature of sounds at a normal level with or without correction in order to evaluate the recording quality and live audio is working properly.

  • Ability to express themselves by means of the spoken word to interact with co-workers accurately, loudly or quickly, to report findings and repair needs to the customer and supervisor and to perform training with the end user.

  • Ability to frequently lift from 20 – 50 pounds; lifting may be from the floor and up to waist height. May need to lift up to 100 pounds on some occasions.

  • Materials may need to be carried or pushed or pulled on cart.

  • Ability to use upper extremities to exert force in order to draw, haul or tub objects in a sustained motion during installation and repair.

  • Moving about on foot to accomplish tasks, particularly for long distances or moving from one work site to another.

  • Ability to reach above the head with arms, kneel on knees, crawl on the ground, stoop and bend from waist.

  • Ability to grip and torque small tools.

  • Ability to ascend or descend ladders, stairs, and scaffolding up to 20 feet off the ground using feet and legs and/ or hands and arms.

  • Ability to maintain body equilibrium and balance to prevent falling.

  • Ability to drive a vehicle up to 8 hours a day to customer sites. On occasion, drive time could exceed 8 hours.

  • Ability to load and unload equipment into and from a vehicle.

Working Environment and Conditions

  • This position involves working within an indoor environment around equipment, including but not limited to computers, work stations, video and audio equipment.

  • Environment may include moderate noise and dust levels, variations in lighting and temperature, and variations in floor texture, including slippery surfaces.

  • The worker will have some exposure to hazards such as proximity to electrical current and working on a ladder up to 20 feet off the ground.

  • This position requires the employee to function in narrow aisles or passageways and close quarters including crawl spaces and attic spaces.

  • This position may occasionally require working non-traditional hours including evenings and weekends in order to complete an assignment within the necessary time frame.

  • This position does require frequent travel to customer sites.

Education, Experience, and Training

  • AA in Electronics, Communications or military equivalent.

  • A+ certification

  • Net + certification preferred

  • 2-5 years experience in audio, video, computer and network systems maintenance, repair and support

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications—especially Outlook (mail, calendar and tasks), Word, Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint.

  • Proficient using Adobe PDF active forms with signature capture.

Equipment and Tools

  • Fleet service van with shelving, rolling cart and 6ft ladder.

  • Laptop with travel bag and signature tablet.

  • Cell phone with case and charging accessories.

  • Network tester and multi-meter.

  • Basic and custom hand tools related to audio, video and network terminations.

  • Custom test monitor for proprietary system testing.

  • Spare equipment for loaners or replacement.

  • Spare wire and connectors for repairs and installation.